Cause and Effect Essay

Cause and Effect Essay as a Type of an Essay

More often than not, every issue is discussed with the help of causes and effects. That is a common procedure of organizing your thoughts into one logical chain. Cause and effect essays are such types of an essay that answer two questions “Why?” and “What?”. The first question concerns the reason why this or that thing happens to someone or something. The second question is meant to explain what happens because of the previous action or situation.

Any essay on cause and effect presupposes some specific structure. In an essay cause and effect go one by one, that is, they make up an enchainment of the events – one event is the cause of another event and they are gaining their values like a snowball making the next event become the cause of the former. Such a feature of eventfulness has been mainly described and investigated in literature and linguistics studies, however, the type of causes and effects essay has become wide spread in every sphere of science.

Being a very peculiar kind of an essay, causes and effect essay includes also the arrangement of events:

  • chronological location;
  • the arrangement of importance;
  • the categorical order of the details.

Events should be, first, timely ordered, since it is the most important characteristic feature of this type of an essay. The first given event should be the one that happens first being a reason, whereas the second event can be only the next in the time aspect. The importance order is bound to the details that vary from the least significant to the most essential ones.

Categorical disjunction is done in order to divide the theme or a topic into parts or some categories and dwell upon them separately.

As you can see, such an essay is somewhat ambiguous, since there can be several cases and several effects, and it is quite a laborious and massive task to distinguish the right details and choose them as the best ones.

Your thesis statement (as well as in any essay) should be transparent and clear to the average reader. Your details should be well thought and true to life. Besides, you may also face such unpredictable circumstances as transitional mismatches and unbalance between some details, as well as between some causes and effects.

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A Cause and Effect Essay Versus Argumentative Essay

As it has been mentioned before, a cause and effect analysis essay differs dramatically from other types, for it has its own structure and importance. Thus, let us look at some key differences a cause and effects essay and argumentative essay have:

  • essay about cause and effect illustrates the relationships between the events and details connected with them, while the argumentativeness of the other type means the point of view exposed and defended;
  • causes and effects should obligatory go in a timely consequence, while the arguments can be scattered in time, without any connection to the time or matter;
  • cause and effects essays should compulsory contain qualifying the message you are trying to submit to the reader, at the same time the given arguments should avoid any evaluation linguistic units.

The above-mentioned compared types belong to different purposes. The first one signifies the importance of each event that goes in succession, where the second one denotes the point of view represented by the person who writes the essay and is aimed at supporting this very point. Consequently, when you start comparing them, it is very easy to see the main discrepancies.

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