Case Study: Key Features

Usually case study is devoted to a group of people, but it can also consider an individual. For example, you can make a medical one, considering the development of a particular disease of a single patient. In psychology, there are often used case studies of new therapy methods tested on a group of people.

It’s worth defining your goal clearly, to choose the right method and writing approaches. If you’re working on the illustrative paper, your goal is to express emotional side of the subject. For example, such a type of writing is a work about people with depression or other common disorder. Writing an exploratory one, you need to provide clear logical theses that could be used in the larger project in the future. Here your goal is to explain advantages and disadvantages of different approaches related to such a project. Writing a case study on critical instances, you need to find unusual cases. If you’re working on a medical topic, your goal is to find the most unique patients and estimate the common theories relative to these particular cases.

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Preparing for Writing

Before you start writing, you need to conduct research and find people who will answer your questions. First, define your questions. Try to formulate them as clear as possible. Try to choose questions, which will lead to a long conversation. It’s better to have more information from each participant of your case study to have enough data to choose from. You can always add some information from other researches to support your point.

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