Analytical Essay: Simple Guide

Choose your topic with special attention. Sometimes you must write on the defined topic, but if you have an opportunity of choice, you need to use it. Сhoose a topic that is relatively simple for you. Let it be the subject of your interest, so you could naturally analyze it, making clear claims.

If you already have an assigned topic related to the literature, focus on the major issues of the book; explain how this subject leads to the described consequences. If your goal is to analyze some scientific work, make sure to use only logical arguments within scientific method of research.

Writing an analytical paper, it may be not easy to formulate your main thesis immediately. Take time brainstorming and considering important moments you are working on. Look what topics or terms are the most frequent ones, think why they hold key positions in the story or the research?

Your main goal depends on the type of the analytical essay. If it’s a rhetorical analysis, you must consider arguments given by author, describing why any particular approach was used, what thoughts and emotions it gives to readers. If you are writing about the creativity, pay your attention to vivid images, unusual storylines and unexpected plot twists. If you’re working on the scientific research, consider the methods used by an author and estimate their efficiency, compare this work with other books or articles devoted to a same subject.

Creating the analytical writing, make a simple diagram. Drive your main topic or key question in the center of a paper sheet; arrange your claims around in the form of bubbles. Connecting each argument with the main topic, think how they are related.

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